Stealth Retractor Trick by John Kennedy

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We are obsessed with John Kennedy's creations and his latest - Stealth Retractor - is a fantastic tool for anyone looking to perform levitations or PK effects. Make objects rise up to your hand or move on a table. It only pulls when you want it to and you have complete on and off control at all times.

You may be asking yourself what makes this so different from other electronic reels on the market. The answer is simple: STRENGTH. This is the world's strongest electronic thread reel on the market,

John teaches you three of his favorite routines with the Stealth Retractor but you will come up with many more:

Rising Card: A freely chosen card is shuffled into the deck. Hold your hand above the pack and the card rises up to your fingertips.Any deck of cards can be used, even a borrowed deck.

Magnetic Napkin: A paper napkin is resting on the table. Move your hand near it and suddenly the napkin twitches. Now you reach over with your other hand and the napkin jumps into your hand.

Page Flip: Wave your hand over an open magazine or book and a page flips over like magic.

In your package, you will receive a 13' spool of Kevlex thread which will last for for a LONG time. Refils are available should you require them. The battery is also included, and will last for more than 100 performances. Better still, replacements can be readily found online for less than a dollar!

If you owned the older version, this version is stronger and comes with a lower price tag.