Mirage (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by JB Dumas and David Stone

"Another amazing David Stone release that I'll be carrying with me." 
- Doug McKenzie 

Endorsed and used consistently by magician, David Stone. Mirage
 is a compact, lightweight and versatile gimmick that allows for THE most visual deck vanish in history. 

Based on the original vanishing deck created by Paul Harris, this ALL NEW ultra-flat device gives you the power to produce, vanish or encase your deck instantly. As you'll see in the trailer, the deck appears to vanish almost one card at a time, rapidly, until only the 4 Kings remain. Impossible! 

Mirage can be hidden in plain sight, taking refuge in your deck until it's time to pounce. 

Creator, JB Dumas, teaches 6 practical routines that force your spectator to question what they've just seen. 

Visuals so stunning, spectators are forced to believe they imagined the moment. 

It's really that clean. 

A commercial miracle you can perform anytime, anywhere.
  • Easy to do
  • You control the speed
  • Resets instantly
  • Multi-purpose... Use for appearances, vanishes etc.
The perfect crescendo for your card routines. 

You're not hallucinating. Get Mirage TODAY. 

"Definitely a keeper for your card magic." 
- Lee Asher

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